Common allergens in skincare and cosmetics

Written on 12/16/2020
Am Sk

Many skincare, cosmetic and personal care products contain common allergens, as identified by the American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) or the European Union.

These organisations have identified over 45 ingredients or ingredient families that are often used in personal care products but that may trigger allergic reactions such as rashes, eczema and others, for many people. 

Such common allergens include: methylisothiazolinone, propylene glycol, fragrance, benzyl alcohol, citral, eugenol, linalool, citronellol, nickel and chromium and their salts...

If you are allergic to an ingredient in this group, you will usually get a bad rash, potentially a more serious reaction, when you use a skin or hair product that contains this ingredient.

And if you are not allergic to these ingredients, you may nonetheless want to avoid them to prevent allergy to be triggered. Note that almost any ingredient may be allergenic to some people, so this group only includes some of the most common allergens.

Due to these properties, it is usually recommended to avoid skincare, cosmetic and personal care products containing these common allergens, and of course, it is definitely a good idea to avoid them when one has sensitive or reactive skin.

Flamingo by Skintifique, the free platform designed to help anyone find personal care products that meet one's safety and ethics criteria is able to identify common allergen ingredients, as identified in the ACDS "allergen of the year" list and in the official EU allergen list, as well as many of their name variations.

To find personal care products that do not contain common allergens, you may use Flamingo by Skintifique