Essential oils in skincare and cosmetics

Written on 12/16/2020
Am Sk

Essential oils, like many fragrances, are used in many skincare, cosmetic and personal care products.

Essential oils used in personal care products include: actinidia chinensis fruit water, allium ampeloprasum oil, artemisia annua flower oil, Citrus aurantium (Neroli) oil...

They are concentrated extracts of natural plants. As a mixture of highly concentrated ingredients, they may have great benefits, but they may also cause health issues, especially for people with sensitive skin. These ingredients can also easily penetrate skin and can be found in the systemic (blood) circulation.

The main concerns linked to essential oils are : allergenic reaction, chemical burns, photosensitization. Some essential oils have also shown hepatotoxic and neurotoxic effects. Once someone become allergic, she will often get rashes / eczema and sometimes serious allergic shocks upon exposure.

As a general rule, essential oils are therefore not recommended for pregnant women, so as to avoid fœtal exposure through placenta. More generally, they should be avoided when one has sensitive or reactive skin, or eczema.

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