The best skincare and cosmetics during pregnancy and maternity

Written on 12/16/2020
Am Sk

Pregnancy is a special time in the life of any woman. 

A time of anticipated joy and possibilities, a time of many questions, and a time of much changes in her biology, her skin and her hair. 

There are many skincare, cosmetic and other personal care products that women may use during pregnancy to take care of their body and spirit, and of the baby to come. 

This is also a time of exhaustion and risks though, and women during pregnancy are much more careful than at other times to preserve their health and that of the baby to come.  And they ought to be careful also about the skincare, cosmetic and personal care products they use, as many such products that are normally fine to use may not be a good idea to use during pregnancy. Indeed many products that are marketed to women during pregnancy may actually contain ingredients that create risks that one would really want to avoid. 


Did you know: Over 55% of skincare and cosmetics products that claim to be designed for pregnant women actually contain ingredients that are not recommended during pregnancy!


In fact, here is a short list of ingredient types that women should avoid during pregnancy, as they may create health risks for them and for their baby: endocrine disruptors, formaldehyde releasers, parabens, phthalates, essential oils, microplastics, vitamin A and related ingredients...

Of course, if one is an expert in ingredients, one can always try to find the ingredient composition of a product she finds at home or at a retailer, and check that the product does not contain such ingredients. But who has the knowledge and time to do this?

So one may also use an app such as the free Flamingo by Skintifique which allows to easily see and analyse the ingredient composition of any product and check that it is free from ingredients generally not recommended during pregnancy.

For a shortcut, simply click here, then click either "Skin is great" or "Allergy or concern", then open the "About me" section and select "Maternity & baby". When you hit the button "Go search" at the bottom of the page, you will be shown only products that are free from ingredients that are generally not recommended during pregnancy among all the products currently in Flamingo database (over 3500 products at the date of writing this article). Of course, you may also tell Flamingo additional types of ingredients you want to avoid. That's it!

Happy Flamingo search!