Search with keywords

Written on 03/30/2020
Am Sk

You may search Flamingo with keywords. 


- Flamingo will search separately for all the keywords you type in the search bar and will display products that contain all these keywords anywhere in their name, brand, composition, product type, categories and other fields if available.

- Keywords should be separated by a blank space. 

- Search is not case sensitive.

- Common accentuation is not taken into account.

- Some common words are not taken into account by Flamingo, so as to ensure that you find relevant products. 

Examples of words that are not taken into account by Flamingo:

English: by, from, for, a, with, cream, lotion, product, skin, scalp, care, best, bad, great, super, anti, my, her, his, our

Français: de, pour, le, la, les, un, avec, lait, crème, produit, soin, anti, contre, peau, bonne, super, meilleur, meilleure, mon, ma, mes, son, sa, ses, nos


If your search turns nothing, review these guidelines and / or refine your search keywords. 

Example: if you type "lotion", the search will return nothing because Flamingo does not consider this is a valid search term. If you are looking for a moisturizer, for instance, you should type "moisturizer" or "moisturizer lotion". If you type "moisturizing lotion", Flamingo will return products that contain the word "moisturizing", which may not be the same as "moisturizer". To find products that contain either the word "moisturizer" or the word "moisturizing" (or both), you should search with a keyword such as "moisturiz".


We will continue to improve the search algorithm over time. We welcome any feedback and suggestions.


Happy Flamingo searching !