Sensitivity profile - FAQ

Written on 04/01/2020
Am Sk

Sensitivity Profile - FAQ


Flamingo does not list some of the products I need

Sure, there are many products out there ! You may simply submit the products to Flamingo so that it is soon available for you. Please note that we integrate new products on a best effort basis and only after extensive quality controls. If you want to submit many new products, or if you are a professional, contact us.


How does it work?

Say for instance that you got a rash when using a skin product. It is likely because the product contains ingredients that you are allergic or hypersensitive to. To identify these ingredients, you simply indicate to Flamingo the product that is causing the rash, and at least 1 (ideally more) products that are safe for you. Flamingo's Sensitivity Profile algorithm will automatically compare the ingredients in the products and take into account several factors, including many variations in ingredient names, and infer the ingredients that are potentially causing you harm, even if they are generally considered as safe.


Is the result trustworthy? Will I not get rashes again if I use only products that do not contain ingredients from my Sensitivity Profile?

The Sensitivity Profile is as good as it can get, based on the information available to the algorithm. In other words, the results depend on the information you provide and the information about the product ingredients. The latter come from a combination of hard core scientific literature, and community contributions and public sources, and cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate nor up to date. More importantly, your skin reaction may have been triggered by other factors than the ingredients in the product, such as the specific concentrations of some of the ingredients, the pH of the product at the time when you used it, ingredients or contaminants that are not listed in the composition, your skin and health situation at the time you used the product etc; these factors cannot be taken into account by the algorithm as the information is not available. This is why the Sensitivity Profile is provided only for guidance and you should always use judgement and responsibility when using it. And of course, keep in mind that i) for any new product you use, you should do a test on a small skin area, before using over large body or sensitive areas, and ii) if you have severe or frequent skin reactions, you should consult with a healthcare professional who may conduct a thorough diagnostic of your situation. 


My Sensitivity Profile changed since last time I ran it. Why? 

Your Sensitivity Profile is dependent on the information you provide, on the information in the system, which is constantly updated, and on the algorithm itself, which is improved over time. So if your observe a change in your Sensitivity Profile, it means that one of the above has changed. It should be for the better. Contact us if you have any specific concerns.

Is my Sensitivity Profile confidential? What if I share a link to a Flamingo page?

Of course your Sensitivity Profile is yours. We do not keep any record of it unless you specifically ask Flamingo to keep your Sensitivity. Profile information. Even then, the information is encoded and kept solely for your convenience and we do not communicate it in any way.


Happy Flamingo search!