Shortcuts for mobile phones and tablets

Written on 10/16/2020
Am Sk

Flamingo is designed to be used on any common device accessing the internet (desktop, mobile, tablet...). It is also designed so that you may save any key parameters on a device (e.g., ingredients you want to avoid) and access these parameters later on any other device.

It is often possible to a person who is familiar with their devices to develop specific widgets or shortcuts that optimize usage of Flamingo on their favorite device.

Below is a example of a Shortcut that can be freely installed on recent iPhones to facilitate common usage of Flamingo on mobile phones, including scanning a product barcode and quickly checking that the ingredients of any product you find on the web match your own safety or ethics criteria (e.g., "avoid products that contain ingredients that are not recommended when I am pregnant or not good for the planet and products that contain methylisothiazolinone ").

If you develop and wish to share more Shortcuts for iOS or other platforms (Android...), we are always happy to help.

To install the shortcuts,  simply click the provided links, then follow Apple's instructions for Shortcuts. 

FlamingoBySK MS

The FlamingoBySK Master Shortcut (MS)  shortcut facilitates all the common usages of Flamingo, including scanning a barcode, searching and analysing product ingredient lists, searching products in Flamingo database with sophisticated criteria, managing a Wishlist etc. 

Latest version : coming up soon

(The version below is deprecated. An updated version will be added soon)

Get FlamingoBySK MS  (v1.2.7en) -Tested and used on: iPhone SE/iOS13.7 , iPhoneXS /OS14.1 language: English.

Click the link above and you will be redirected to an icloud .com Apple page. Follow the instructions to get the shortcut on your device.  At the bottom of the first page you are shown on your device, click the button "Add Untrusted Shortcut"  (Apple's standard notice to let you accept a new shortcut).

For ease of use, we recommend installing the FlamingoBySK MS  icon both on your device Home screen and the Action list.


Happy Flamingo searching!