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Written on 11/10/2020

Your Sensitivity Profile is a list of ingredients that your skin may react to, based on your personal experience with skin and hair care products. It is not based on general knowledge about ingredients that are "good" or "bad" for the average person, but entirely based on your personal experience with skin and hair products - the results are therefore totally specific to you.

Whence you have created a Sensitivity Profile, Flamingo can search thousands of products in its database and help you find those that are free from ingredients that are risky for you. You can also use Flamingo to easily check that any product you find on the web or elsewhere is free from ingredients you want to avoid and ingredients in your Sensitivity Profile. This is essentially an artificial intelligence platform available for free to make your own personal diagnostics and product selections!

Did you know :

1 in 3 person

gets bad rashes due to skin or hair products each year

Flamingo' Sensitivity Profile helps identify ingredients that trigger these rashes and find products free from them!


To create a Sensitivity Profile:


Step 1: Identify products and add them to your Wishlist/Worklist. You should add to your Wishlist/Worklist at least 1 product that triggered a bad skin reaction and at least 1 product that you know is safe for you; the more safe products you add, the more precise the Sensitivity Profile will be.

    Note: If your product(s) are not yet in Flamingo's database, you can submit them. We are a small team and have to prioritise but if you provide the critical information, your product is generally added within a few days. In case of special situations (e.g., if you would like to submit many products), feel free to contact us.

    Step 2: Assign products to "good" and "bad" lists.

    Step 3: Ask Flamingo to run the Sensitivity Profile algorithm and identify your personal Profile. You will have your Sensitivity profile within a few seconds.

    Step 4 (optional): Search for products that are free from the "bad" ingredients in your Sensitivity Profile.


Products containing any of the "bad" ingredients you identify with the Sensitivity Profile will be flagged or excluded next time you search for products using Flamingo. You may also save these "bad" ingredients for future use on any device, using Cloud save (see the 3 dots at the top right of the page).



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